Day 78: Growing Herbs Indoors – Cilantro, Chives, Basil

Hey everyone. Apologies for the lack of update but frankly there hasn’t been too many stuff to post about since my last Shoebox Gardening post. Now we are at around day 78 of growing cilantro, chives, and basil leaves indoors. If you remember what happened in the last update then you would know that I had quite a few sprouts appearing for each herb. Unfortunately, many of them have died due to a lack of watering.

Garlic Chives Sprouts

Here is the progress of my garlic chive plant. It hasn’t grown all that much but it is definitely looking a lot healthier than last time. Apparently, garlic chives are suppose to grow around 12 inches tall so my plant still has a lot of growing to do.

Cilantro Leaves Sprouts

Here is my cilantro plant. Unfortunately, there is only one remaining (there were three or four growing last time). If there is one lesson learned, it is to water your herbs daily. It probably doesn’t help that these plants don’t get a lot of natural sunlight but I think the grow light I have hanging near the plants is doing a good enough job. Hopefully, with summer now coming along, there will be more opportunity for these plants to receive sunlight.

Basil Leaves Sprouts

Last but not least, you have my basil plant. Like the cilantro, a few of my basil plants suffered the same fate of dying due to a lack of watering. I do wonder if I will have to transport these plants to bigger pots at some point but that time probably won’t be anytime soon. I do hope these plants will mature. Even if they produce little, it would be cool to have them in my dinner. I’ll probably look to grow more herbs in the near future once I figure out my lease situation. Until then, let’s hope these plants will still be alive by the next update. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.