Day 6: Growing Cilantro Indoors – Seed Has Germinated

After an excruciating wait, I am happy to announce that one of my Cilantro seeds has finally germinated! Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake in touching the seed and it fell apart slightly as a result of that. Hopefully, that won’t affect its growth. Guys, if there is one lesson I learned today, never touch your seeds and when it reaches the time to transplant them to proper soil, do so with great care. Seeds, especially Cilantro, are very fragile.

Cilantro Seed Germinating

Unsurprisingly, this particular seed was in a position that had the most exposure from the grow light. I moved around the germinating boxes a little so that the other seeds would receive more light exposure. In any case, it looks like I’ll have to get the actual garden pot set up soon. Hopefully, the organic potting mix I bought won’t come with too many pests and critters. I am growing these herbs in my own room so that would be the last thing I want to see.

One thing that may help to speed up the seed germination process is to soak the seed for a few hours. I read that in the instruction manual but decided to ignore it because it seemed to weird to leave the seeds in water overnight. Turns out it is actually a good trick to use (according to Mr Brown Thumb). I’ll definitely be using this method for the next batch of plants I plan on growing.

Anyways, that’s all the update I have for now! Hopefully, we’ll see some sprouts appearing in my next post update. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook/Twitter to keep up with our latest Cilantro growing updates.