Day 35: Growing Herbs Indoors – Cilantro, Chives & Basil

Wow. What a great few weeks it has been since my last update. After seeing my first attempt at growing cilantro seeds fail in a matter of days, I decided to give it another go but with a slightly different method. Instead of putting the seeds in a germinating tray, I decided to give the seeds a nice soak for around seven to eight hours then put them straight into the soil. After three or four days, I saw the first sprouts appearing from the soil. During this time, I also decided to give the basil seeds a go and what you see in the image above is the amount of progress I have made so far. Despite only receiving six to seven hours of indoor grow light per day, these herb plants have been growing pretty well so far. If you are going to grow your own plants indoors, definitely give the seed soaking method a go.

Garlic Chives Indoors

If you have reading my previous posts then you are probably wondering where the three or four garlic chives sprout went. Well, a few days ago, I had a friend who visited and he also gained a major interest in my indoor gardening project. I decided the best way to promote this great activity is to give away a few of my plants. From the photos he have sent so far, it seems those plants are doing extremely well (it helps that my friend’s apartment receives a lot of natural sunlight). As my plants have grown taller and taller, I have started to realize some drooping leaves. I think I am probably going to use q-tip to support the plant but if you have any other suggestions that may provide better supports then please let me know by commenting below.

Cilantro in Recycled Jar

The last image I want to share with you today is a picture of my cilantro sprouts. I had a few empty pasta sauce jars lying around so I decided to use them as my gardening container. If the cilantro continues to grow at the current rate it has been growing then I may have to transplant one or two of them to a different container in the future. Otherwise, there will be too many plants fighting for nutrients and water in a limited amount of space. I have to say though. The cilantro plants grew a lot faster than I anticipated. It was only two or three days ago when I saw small sprouts appearing from the soil. Now they are at least an inch or two in height!

Although there really isn’t a lot to see on a daily basis, starting a indoor herb garden has definitely been a fascinating experience and I highly encouraged any other readers out there to start their own. It’s quite a proud experience (at least for me) to see the plants grow. Anyways, that’s all the update I have for now. Feel free to reach out to me using the comment form below if you have any specific questions.