Day 1: Growing Cilantro Indoors – Seeds Are Finally Here!

I am happy to announce that my indoor herb gardening project has officially begun! A few days ago, I decided to make the plunge and bought a seeds starter package, organic soil, and garden pots on Amazon. So far, everything looks great with all the purchases. I especially like the seeds package because it is newbie-friendly. As you will see with the image above, each seed packet comes with some basic (but extremely important) instructions on growing specific types of herbs. In total, the package came with 12 different types of herb seeds. These types were: Italian Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Dill, Oregano, Sweet Marjoram, Chives, Summer Savory, Garlic Chives, and Mustard and Sage.

Cilantro Gardening Products

The three products I bought to kick-start my indoor gardening project were:

1. Certified Organic Herb Seeds: This seed package received great reviews on Amazon. I had a difficult time picking between growing herbs and vegetables but I figured herbs would be easier, especially for a gardening beginner like me. As I mentioned earlier, this package is newbie-friendly. It comes with instructions and the seeds are well packaged.

2. Espoma Organic Potting Mix: I was initially going to go with MiracleGro Organic Soil but I kept seeing reviews about how gnats and other small pests would appear from the soil. This potting mix package ended up being a lot of bigger than I expected! Hopefully, I won’t come across any major pest problems once I start using the potting mix.

3. Plastic 4 inch Pots: I figured these would be big enough for my initial gardening project. If I gain some success then I will probably have to go for some bigger pots.

Garlic Chives Instructions

Here is an example of the herb growing instructions. It was especially helpful to know the estimated growth duration of each herb. Cilantro is expected to mature in around 65 days so hopefully I will see some results in the next two months.

Cilantro Gardening Setup

The last photo I wanted to share with you is the set-up. I decided to go for cotton wool so I would be able to clearly see whether the seeds are germinating or not. Unfortunately, my apartment does not receive a lot of natural sunlight throughout the day so I had to resort to using a grow light instead. Hopefully, it won’t take up too much of my electricity bill

Anyways, that’s it for now! If you have any questions then feel free to comment using the form below. Subscribe to our blog if you also want to keep up to date with how the herb plants are doing (assuming they germinate).