Can Dawn Dish Soap Help Control Flea Infestations?


Dawn dish soap is one of several flea remedies that can be used to get rid of the tiny pests. Here are a couple of ways you can use Dawn dish detergent to get rid of fleas.

1. Set up a Homemade Light Trap
This is for people who want to get rid of fleas at home. You will need Dawn dish soap, a bowl of water, and a source of light (e.g. bedside lamp).

First, add a few drops of dish soap to the bowl of water and mix well. Next, set up the lamp so that the bulb is located above the bowl of soapy water. The idea behind this trap is to lure the fleas into the soapy water via the brightness of the lamp.

The soap will reduce the water surface tension, meaning there’s no way for the fleas to jump or glide out of the bowl. This trap will work best in a dark area. For safety reasons, make sure the lamp is placed on a firm surface.

2. Use it as a Flea Bath
This is for people who want to get rid of fleas on their dogs and cats. Dish soap is safe to use on a pet’s skin as long as it’s close to pH neutral. Just don’t use it too often as it could dry out the skin by stripping off the natural oils. Dish soap should not be used on pets that have dry sensitive skin or skin allergies.

For best results, create a soapy solution by adding three drops of Dawn dish soap with a liter of water. Next, gently pour the soapy water on your pet’s body. Start going through the fur with your hands until the soap lather has covered most of your pet’s body. Make sure the soapy water does not get into the ears or eyes.

Next, give your dog or cat a through rinse and use a flea comb to get rid of any dead fleas or flea eggs that may still be buried in the fur.

Using Dish Soap for Flea Control – FAQ

What Dish Soap Brand Can I use?
You don’t necessarily have to use Dawn. You can use other brands as long as the soap is close to pH neutral (if you are using it on pets). Most people like to use the plain blue Dawn soap.

Will the Dish Soap Kill the Flea Eggs?
Unfortunately, the dish soap won’t do much against the flea eggs that may already be embedded in your pet’s fur. That’s why you will need a flea comb to pick the eggs out.