How Long Do Crickets Live Without Food?


Adult crickets can live without food for up to 2 weeks. Juveniles can survive for 5-7 days without food or water. Larval crickets are the least resistant to starvation and won’t live beyond three days if deprived of essential nutrients.

Some homeowners, instead of going for pesticides, decide to starve the crickets in their households. This is done by eliminating food and water in places that crickets are known to inhabit. Crickets also nibble on tender plant leaves, so it helps to keep your compound mowed, pruned and clean all the time. This works most of the time, but two weeks is a long time to wait, and in the meantime, these critters will have done a lot of damage.

Eliminating crickets by starvation is a good approach because it is organic. It helps avoid the usage of pesticides, which are laden with chemicals that can be harmful to children, pets and the environment in general. Additionally, starvation is a simple process that involves ensuring high levels of hygiene in and around the house, so no costs are incurred.

If uncontrolled, crickets breed rapidly, laying 5-10 eggs in a day. They will cause damage to items around the house and generally become a nuisance because of the low-pitched chirping noise they make.