How to Use Cornmeal to Get Rid of Ants


Pest control for ants doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a number of ant control remedies one could create on their own with ingredients that should be readily available in many homes. Cornmeal is one such ingredient that may help get rid of ants.

Keep in mind, however, that cornmeal on its own won’t kill the ants. One common myth is that cornmeal can kill ants by swelling their digestive system. Well, turns out ants can’t eat solid food, they can only eat liquid so there is no way they can consume the cornmeal to begin with. The ant larvae in the colony, however, is able to process the solid food into liquid form.

For cornmeal to work, you will need to mix it with something that’s fatal for ants. Think of cornmeal as the substance that attracts the ant and the other substance as the actual ingredient that kills the ant. What usually works well with cornmeal is borax. You can mix 9 parts cornmeal with 1 part borax. Add a bit of oil so that the powder mixture turns into paste.

Place the paste next to the trails of ants and give it a few days for the foraging ants to take the borax + cornmeal bait back to their colony. The effects of borax should eventually kick in after a week or two and you should start to see the population of ants decreasing in the house. To summarize, cornmeal can help kill ants but it needs to be mixed with an insecticide like borax to be effective.