Best Outdoor Composting Bins for Leftover Kitchen Scraps

Lead a sustainable lifestyle by composting organic waste from your home. These outdoor composting bins will create healthy nutrients for your garden soil.

Best Outdoor Compost Bins

Yimby Composter
This outdoor compost bin comes with two separate chambers (total capacity of 37 gallons).

Yimby Composter

The Positives
You don’t need to do any digging as the tumbler design makes it easy to aerate and mix the organic waste.
The Negatives
Requires a lot of assembling.

Envirocycle Compost Bin
Beautiful and innovative design for an outdoor compost bin. This can become one of your most valuable gardening tools over the long-term.

Envirocycle Compost

The Positives
Easy to mix the organic waste stored inside the compost bin container. Not an eye sore when placed in the backyard.
The Negatives
More expensive than other outdoor compost bins. You might not be able to put in as much kitchen waste as you’d like.

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