Does Cold Weather Instantly Kill Fleas?

Cold Weather

Cold weather can kill fleas but won’t get rid of them entirely. Fleas thrive at around 75 Fahrenheit and can start to freeze at approximately 37 Fahrenheit. Though they can still survive several days even throughout extreme weather, so caution is advised regardless of it.

Fleas are opportunistic parasites and will actively look for spots to shelter from the freezing weather during winter. Anything ranging from inside a pets’ fur to damp areas indoors can be enough to keep them alive throughout the winter.

While they won’t be as noticeable and problematic during the winter, they still pose a significant threat to pets, as they will survive and look for food during this period, though at a slower pace due to their slowed-down metabolism.

If you spot fleas around your house or on your pet, take immediate action against them instead of waiting for the weather to kill them, as it’s improbable it’ll happen. Clean and vacuum the living space and wash everything you can with hot water to kill all the fleas and their eggs. Leaving fleas unchecked during winter can cause massive infestations when the weather begins to favor them once again.