Will Coconut Oil Help Kill Fleas on Cats?


The short answer is YES! Coconut oil may help kill fleas on cats and kittens.

It is unfair to expect a cat to stay indoors all their lives. Some cats are likely to leap at every opportunity to venture out and on such occasions, they are bound to get exposed to fleas and ticks. Fleas can be a massive irritant and might even pose serious health problems to your precious baby.

While the norm has been to apply chemical anti-flea treatments, well-informed cat lovers will be aware that these products can be notorious for causing rashes, seizures and other health-related issues. In order to bypass potential damage of this sort, one good natural alternative would be to apply coconut oil to your cat’s skin and fur. By coating the exoskeleton of ticks and fleas, coconut oil hinders the parasite’s ability to crawl and eventually impairs their breathing.

Massage your cat’s coat with generous quantities of coconut oil and allow it to seep for around eight hours. Don’t forget to apply some behind the ears, belly, between the toes and on the foot pads. Bathe your cat with shampoo once complete.

Bear in mind that coconut oil repels ticks and fleas but doesn’t necessarily kill them. More importantly, please consult your vet before proceeding with the coconut oil therapy, in case of any allergies or other health concerns.