Do Cockroaches Jump High Like Crickets Do?

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No, cockroaches don’t jump like crickets.

Cockroaches have wings. Thus they can flip out of danger. You can confuse this act with a jump. However, there is an exception of saltoblattella montistabularis, also known as ‘leap roach.’ It does not fly but leaps out of danger. The ‘leap roach’s hind legs are close to those of a grasshopper, and it uses them to push itself forward.

Many cockroach species have wings, but only a small percentage can fly. Even the flying cockroach flies over a short distance. Taking a closer look at a leap roach, you will notice that it has more muscular hind legs. The legs are double the size of the other four legs. Also, they take up 20% of their body weight. It jumps like a grasshopper and launches itself 50 times its body length. Three-quarters of its movement is achieved through jumping. Leap roaches use their antennae to assess the area they are jumping around so they can obtain balance in the air.

Leap roaches are young on the planet. They were discovered in 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. Scientists believe they evolved to have advanced legs. Their natural habitat is shrubland, hence they needed to jump to move around. However, these roaches exist in a small part of the world and won’t get to your house.