How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies Naturally Outside

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies increase their activities during fall when other insects are decreasing theirs. You will spot them on the window sills as well as outside and inside the house. Cluster flies cause minimal damage, but their large numbers are not appealing to the eye. There are however ways in which you can eradicate them from your home.

Destroy all their breeding grounds, such as old structures or buildings in the compound. Mow your lawn and water it regularly. Ensure the soil does not develop cracks to deprive them of a breeding ground. Fill the cracks or mulch the soil.

Make non-toxic fly strips with available materials. Take a brown paper and cut enough strips for all windows. Place equal parts of water, sugar, and corn syrup or honey on a saucepan. Heat while stirring until sugar dissolves. Turn off the fire source and dip the strips in the mixture. Use tongs to transfer the strips from the pan to the drying rack. Once they are dry, hang them on all the windows, under the trees, and on the patio.

The above method is only effective in catching adult cluster flies. You should spray essential oils such as peppermint, cedarwood, or tea tree in potential breeding grounds. They kill the larvae and pupa by dehydration. While not the most effective method, planting citronella may help repel cluster flies and other bugs.