How to Clean Fine Dirt, Sand & Leaves from Bottom of the Pool


Here are some methods you can try to remove fine dirt, sand, and leaves from the bottom of the pool without emptying and refilling the pool.

1. Get a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pool maintenance can be hard work, especially if a layer of sediment has settled on the bottom of the pool. Get a robotic pool cleaner, such as the Dolphin Pool Cleaner, that will scrub and vacuum the pool surface in a few hours. They are expensive but worth the investment, especially when you consider the hours of maintenance work you’ll save every week.

Note that there are some functional differences between a cleaner for an above-ground pool and a cleaner for an in-ground pool. For example, above-ground cleaners are generally designed to only clean the floor of the pool. In-ground cleaners, on the other hand, may have the ability to also clean the pool walls.

Pool Sediment Cleaner

Make sure to also look for a robotic pool cleaner that comes with a filter that catches fine sediment and dirt. Otherwise, the dirt will just get released into the pool again.

2. Apply a Pool Floc Treatment

Is the sediment coming back soon after you vacuumed the pool? This could be due to the presence of suspended particles in the pool water. If the pool water looks somewhat cloudy then consider using a pool floc. The role of the floc is to sink all the dirt and sediment to the bottom of the pool. You can also use a clarifier but floc tends to be faster.

3. Sweep with a Pool Brush
Don’t have or need an automatic robot cleaner? You can also trying removing the dirt manually by sweeping all the dirt and sand into one area of the floor by using a pool brush. Once the pile has settled, use a manual pump and filter to get them out.

The above steps won’t just get rid of the sediments that have settled in the bottom of the pool. It will also clear up other debris (e.g. dead leaves, dead insects like roaches) that you wouldn’t want floating around the pool.

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