Do Citronella Candles Help Get Rid of Flies?

Citronella Candle

Yes, citronella candles work for flies.

Citronella oil may not be popular as a product, but it is an essential oil extracted from lemon grass. It is largely seen as a biopesticide, so it is not toxic to humans, pets or even the environment. Citronella oil candles do not kill flies, but they will repel them because these insects are drawn away by the smell. Place these candles in the various rooms of your house and let them burn slowly, filling the air with their essence. This works best when each candle is deployed to cover small space.

Citronella oil candles will not only repel flies but they will also keep mosquitoes at bay without the need for any additional toxic commercial pesticides. The candles are affordable since a pack of four will go for as little as $20 at your local store.

Citronella candles are highly effective against flies, but some homeowners choose to buy special preparations of the oil itself to apply on their skin. The downside to this is that it needs to be applied frequently on the skin of every member of the family. Others burn citronella oil incense instead of going for the candles.