Is Cinnamon Effective for Getting Rid of Ants?

Cinnamon Sticks

It does not. This myth comes from a 2014 study, where researchers used concentrated cinnamon oils to repel ants to some degree of success. Kitchen cinnamon may make ants stop using an entrance in a house, but it will not kill them. They will likely create another access point if one has cinnamon oil in it.

The cinnamon the average person has in their kitchen is not so concentrated, making it ineffective against ants. The correct way to get rid of ants is by finding the nest and eliminating the ants there. But this can be very difficult depending on species and location and potentially dangerous.

The best way to avoid an ant problem is through prevention. Any food or liquid spilled should be cleaned as quickly as possible, especially if they have a higher sugar concentration. Storing food in sealed, airtight containers will ensure ants can’t find their way inside. And the last and most difficult, seeking all possible crevices, entrances, and cracks around and sealing them. If you already have an ant problem, consider calling a professional as dealing with ants can be very dangerous.