How to Get Rid of Chinch Bugs in the Lawn

Chinch Bug

Chinch bugs make your lawn look dry even when you water it regularly. The nymphs are tiny but easy to trace due to their odor and bright color. Here are some tips on getting rid of these bugs.

1. Inspect to ascertain that the damage is due to chinch bugs and not a disease. There are four main types of chinch bugs- the common chinch bugs, hairy chinch bugs, western chinch bugs, and southern chinch bugs. Eradication methods are the same among the four species.

2. Dust your lawn with food-grade diatomaceous earth. Pay attention to areas with evidence of chinch bug presence/damage. Occasionally, check whether there are dead chinch bugs on the lawn; cut the top and bottom of an empty can, press into the ground, and add some water. Dead chinch bugs will float. If you spot any moving chinch bugs, treat the lawn again. You should reapply the treatment every few weeks until you are confident all the bugs are dead.

3. Reseed the bare spots on your lawn and dethatch as needed. Thatch harbors bugs and protects them from organic pesticides.

4. Mow twice a week so that you won’t need to cut more than a third of a grass blade. A good lawn care routine helps prevent an infestation from chinch bugs and other insects in the future.