Cheap Grow Tents for Growing Plants Indoors

The purpose of a grow tent is to help gardeners create an optimal growing environment indoors. Grow tents serve a similar purpose to grow boxes. The primary difference is the structure, with grow boxes built out of components that are more permanent while grow tents are made out of more flexible material like fabric. In this article, you can learn about the typical features that come with grow tents and our top 3 recommendations for cheap grow tent products.

Grow Tent Recommendations

Affordable Grow Tents

TopoLite Grow Tent
The TopoLite grow tent is affordable and comes with some great features. The tent is made of durable 600D lightproof cloth. It also comes with heavy-duty zippers, which prevents too much light from escaping the tent.

The interior of the VIVOSUN grow tent consists of 95%-reflective mylar lining. One important component of grow tents is the reflective material and how well it distributes the light inside.

While you are at it, you might want to also check our recommendations on top grow lights. These lights can be equipped as part of the grow structure setup.

Common Grow Tent Features

Grow tents can be very effective for gardeners who are trying to grow things on a tight budget. Grow tents come with several components. The primary component is the canvas material. The choice of material is important because it serves the purpose of helping the inner environment retain light and heat. The more effective the material is at retaining and reflecting the light, the lower your electricity bill will be.

Fans are another important component of grow tents. The purpose of the fan is to help circulate the air in the grow tent. Grow tent fans can come in several shapes and sizes. A common choice for grow tents is the inline duct booster fan, which is efficient at boosting air flow and is also energy-efficient. Some fans may also come with a carbon filter. The purpose of a carbon filter is to help get rid of any odor that comes out via the exhaust.

When you are buying a grow tent, there are several other factors you may also want to consider such as the size of the structure and the ability to attach secondary components such as grow lights and inline fans. The entrance of the grow tent should also consist of heavy-duty zippers to reduce the amount of light that escapes the tent. Last but not least, grow tent should be designed to keep pests out. Common pests may include fruit flies and ants.

Higher-quality grow tents tend to cost more money. This doesn’t mean cheap grow tents can do a good job as well. Greenhouse kits are alternative gardening structures that may serve a similar purpose to grow tents.

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