Ways to Stop Caterpillars from Eating Your Garden Plants


When finding caterpillars near crops, plants, or vegetables, the best way to getting rid of this pest is to find their eggs. Checking the suspected plants for eggs on their leaves, under the leaves, and on the stem will ensure that the infestation doesn’t spread.

Once an egg is spotted, grab a bucket of soapy water, gloves and thoroughly search for eggs on leaves and stem, dropping them inside the bucket. Some leaves may need to be cut whole depending on how many eggs are found on them. After making sure most eggs have been removed, dispose of them and repeat this daily to avoid caterpillars from spreading again.

After clearing all the eggs, prevention is how to avoid caterpillar eggs from happening again. Putting barrier fabrics around vegetables, leaves, and plants will make sure no new caterpillar growth occurs. For crops, support it with a bamboo pole fixed to the ground, use something light to cover the crop’s top to avoid the fabric getting caught or being ripped by the poles. Have something heavy support the bamboo at the bottom to help ensure the crop remains protected from several pests.