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Blueberry Bush

Blueberry Bush is Dying – What to Do

Is your blueberry bush suddenly not looking so good? Here are the most common reasons for dying blueberry bushes.

Pea Plant

What’s Eating Your Pea Plants

Find out which pests and rodents could be eating your pea plants overnight. Learn how to keep these pests away from your pea plants.

Pepper Plants

What’s Eating Your Pepper Plants

Is the growth of your precious pepper plants getting stunted because there’s something that’s eating the leaves? Find out what pests like to eat pepper plants.

Rose Bush

What’s Eating Your Rose Leaves

Is your effort to grow beautiful roses being stopped by a mysterious visitor that’s happily chomping at the rose bush leaves? Here are the most common pests that eat rose leaves.

Hosta Plant

What’s Eating Your Hosta Plant

Trying to grow some hosta plants only to find the leaves and stem getting damaged by a mysterious intruder overnight? Here are the most common pests that eat hostas.

Beet Greens

Why Your Beets Aren’t Growing or Growing Too Slowly

Have you been trying to grow beets but with little success? Here are the most common reasons why your beets aren’t growing.

Beet Greens

What’s Eating Your Beet Plant Leaves

Is an unknown culprit eating your leaves of your beet plant? Find out who and how to stop them from chomping at the beet greens.

Basil Plant

What’s Eating Your Basil Plant Leaves

Here is a list of the most common pests that are known for eating basil plant leaves and other common garden herbs.