6 Plant Foods to Eat When You Have the Flu & No Appetite

Don’t let the flu get to you. Eat these six healthy plant foods (fruits, vegetables, and herbs) to build up a strong immune system.

6 Cool Health Benefits Linked to Moderate Drinking of Craft Beer

Here is a list of cool studies that point to the health benefits of drinking craft beer and other forms of alcohol in moderation.

14 Clever Uses for Fresh & Used Coffee Grounds

Hold onto the coffee grounds the next time you brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee. Here are 14 clever ways to make use of coffee grounds at home.

Pasture-Raised Egg Health Benefits vs. Free-Range & Cage-Free

Overwhelmed by the different choices of eggs in the market? Learn the difference between pasture-raised, free range, and cage free eggs.

Spring, Drinking, Distilled vs. Purified Water Infographic Guide

Know what bottled water you are buying. Learn the differences between spring water, drinking water, distilled water, and purified water.

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