The Common Signs of Carpenter Ants in the House

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are harmless to humans and pets, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a problem. Having them around is a reason for concern, as they can cause damage to house structures, foundations, and even furniture. And the first time to avoid them is learning exactly how to identify this species of ants and their patterns.

These ants have a segmented body of two parts, and they are big and black as well. They aren’t picky eaters and scavenge for food inside your home if needed but will eat plants or other things from outside. So if you spot any large black ants inside your house or just at the doorstep, you should look for a nest.

Similar to termites, carpenter ants love wood, especially damp wood. Though unlike them, carpenter ants do not eat the wood. They dig through it and make a hole inside the housing and nesting structure, leaving behind sawdust that’ll fall near the nesting area, making it a sign of their presence.

When they have already established a nest nearby, they will send out winged carpenter ants, which can fly, to scout other spots for nesting. If this happens, try contacting a specialist immediately. There are home remedies for carpenter ants but it’s best to consult with a professional given the damage these ants may cause.