Can Stink Bugs Make You Sick?

Stink Bugs

Yes, stink bugs can make you sick when you ingest them. They release a foul smell that causes nausea, vomiting, mouth irritation, and stomach upset. However, if you swallow a stink bug that dies from a pesticide, the amount of pesticide it ate will affect you.

Stink bugs spray out different kinds of pheromones for various reasons. The smelliest pheromone alerts the rest about an impending danger; Other mild pheromones will help them find food, mates, and shelter.

The secretions from stink bugs are not poisonous. However, the smell can stay on your skin or clothes for days, even after washing them. Pets don’t develop any reaction when they swallow the bug.

Stink bugs can change the scent of your space through their secretions. You may develop a mild skin reaction when their secretion lands on your skin. People with high skin sensitivity should see a doctor immediately after exposure.

There are a few species of stink bugs that can bite. The bites are painful but not dangerous. Sometimes, you can mistake a stink bug for an assassin bug. The latter is a predatory insect that bites. The bites are painful, and you’ll swell. In unfortunate cases, you may develop breathing problems, hives, and severe swelling.