Can Roaches Smell Food?


Yes, roaches can smell food. That ability has made them some of the best scavengers out there. Roaches smell both natural and man-made food, allowing them to survive in every habitat.

However, there are some types of foods that attract the roaches more than others. Sugars, for instance, are a roach magnet. They love sugar more than anything else. Starch is also a roach favorite. They will eat anything starchy, including books, bindings, papers, and cardboard.

When roaches are away from a food source, they feed on grease since it has ready fat. This explains why roaches can survive in strange places. Keep your stove free from grease; otherwise, you risk roach infestation in your kitchen.

Roaches need meat for the proteins and fats in it. They will smell out every tiny piece of meat available. Garbage is also attractive to roaches because it contains almost all the food types named above. Ideally, you cannot starve a roach. However, it is always possible to prevent roach infestations by keeping your surroundings clean and using organic solutions as soon as roaches are spotted.