Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Car?

Car Interior

Bed bugs are incredibly invasive and a pest that reproduces quickly and will live pretty much anywhere near a source of food for them. While most commonly found on beds, hence their name, they can fit into many other spots like furniture and even spaces inside cars.

Though rarely found on cars, some people can often find themselves sleeping on them or using them for an extended period of time, providing ample time for the bugs to feed and go back into hiding.

Depending on the texture and color of the cars’ inside, it can be difficult to spot any of them, though they often leave signs of their presence around the space. Look for red spots of crushed bugs on the seats, their droppings, or their shed skin for signs of bed bugs in your car.

If there are signs of them and you have bite marks on yourself, take out unnecessary clutter and rugs from inside and clean them properly. Vacuum the inside of the car thoroughly after everything else is cleaned up. If they persist, do a steam wash, as the bed bugs can’t survive through high temperatures.