Can Ants Carry Dangerous Diseases?


Yes, ants may carry a number of diseases.

Ants move very fast, and in large numbers. As they move around, they pick up diseases and contaminate the surfaces they touch. They carry fungi, salmonella, clostridium, shigella, strep, staph, E.coli and a lot more. As ants move through your house, they will touch your food, utensils, kitchen countertops, and these end up being the points of transmission in your house. Even when food is stored securely, there is always the risk of cross contamination. This is risky to children, the elderly and the immunosuppressed.

Apart from the diseases they come with, ants are capable of transporting the bacteria they find in your house from one area to another. They will move through your kitchen sink or toilet. If those surfaces are already contaminated, the ants will carry the pathogens throughout the house.

Additionally, ants have very strong mandibles, which gives them a relatively strong bite. This bite comes with intense itching, burning sensation and even swelling for some people. The reactions are caused by the venom the ant deposits in the skin. In cases where the swelling breaks the skin, the victims become vulnerable to skin infections such as cellulitis. If you identify ants in the house then it’s important to get rid of the ants as soon as possible so that they don’t contaminate your food.