Do Camel Crickets Die in The Winter?


Camel crickets don’t die in the winter. During the warm months, these critters spend their time nibbling on vegetation when on the outside. When they gain access to your house, they will devour wallpaper, wood, carpet, cardboard and even other insects. When the cold sets in, they retreat to warm places to save body heat and accumulate some more from their external environment.

These hiding places include tree barks, logs, under stones, in caves, inside holes in the ground and around hay. Sometimes, they will sit out the entire winter in your basement, eating very little and rarely venturing out in a bid to slow metabolism and make good use of their internal energy resources.

Since they have a structured breeding system, camel crickets tend to spend the winter as nymphs or young adults, which increases their vulnerability to the volatile environment, making it even more important to hide out and preserve energy.

There are over 100 types of camel crickets in the US alone, and their behavior varies slightly from one variety to the other. Unlike other types of crickets, they don’t chirp because they do not have sound producing systems in their bodies so this makes the camel cricket a bit more difficult to eliminate. Still, an infestation can cause considerable damage around the home.