Bugs that Look like Fleas but Can’t Jump


Fleas are bugs incredibly hard to identify due to their size. They usually look like tiny black dots on a pets’ fur, but they can sometimes be brown. It’s easy to identify them by their ability to jump astonishingly long distances and very high up for their size, even without wings. However, it’s not unusual to mistake fleas for some other similar insects due to their tiny size, making them difficult to identify at a glance.

Fungus gnats are really easily mistaken for fleas due to their size and dark coloring, but they have vastly different interests. Gnats are flying insects, so if you watch some flying around, it’s certainly not a flea. Fungus gnats also love hanging around plants instead of fur, which easily gives them away.

Bed bugs are also tiny, and they have a red or brown coloring instead of black, though they might look darker at a distance. They usually hang around spots where humans sleep regularly and are only active at night.

Ticks are often mistaken for fleas, but they are really easy to distinguish due to their body shape being oval and having eight legs.