Can Borax be Used to Kill Flea Infestations at Home?


Borax is a naturally-forming mineral that has many use cases at home, such as controlling flea infestations. Here are some ways you can use borax to kill flea infestations.

Borax for Flea Infestations

Borax acts as a desiccant. It can kill adult fleas, flea larvae, and most importantly the flea eggs by absorbing the moisture from the body.

Sprinkle Borax on Flea-infested Carpet
Borax can be used to treat flea-infested carpets. Sprinkle the powder liberally over the surface of the carpet then sweep with a stiff brush to ensure the powder gets to the base of the carpet. Let the powder sit for a day or two before you clear it away with a vacuum cleaner.

Sprinkle Borax on Household Furniture
The carpet isn’t the only place you can apply borax to get rid of indoor flea problems. Sprinkle borax on other parts of the house that is likely to be harboring fleas, such as sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Once a day or two has passed, make sure there are no borax remnants remaining by vacuuming every inch of the furniture.

Borax Safety

While borax is a natural mineral, it should never be used in the vicinity of pets and children as it may prove toxic once they are exposed to a certain amount. If you have kids or pets then consider using other natural solutions like food-grade diatomaceous earth.

For safety reasons, you should also wear a face mask to ensure you aren’t breathing in large amounts of the powder while it’s being applied.

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