Best Wheelbarrows for Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening and landscaping, no matter the scale of your gardening effort, require a lot of manual labor. Therefore, as a gardener or landscaper, it is important to be equipped with the right tools in order to ease the physical toll on the body.

One of the most important tools a gardener should have is a wheelbarrow. In this article, you’ll learn about the most important components of a wheelbarrow and we’ll also provide a list of wheelbarrow recommendations you may include in your final shortlist.

Best Wheelbarrow Recommendations

Best Wheelbarrows for Gardening

Marathon Wheelbarrow
The Marathon Wheelbarrow has two air-pumped wheels and features a comfortable loop handle for easy maneuvering. We like this one because it’s very easy to set up and has a decent load capacity. Many customers who buy the Marathon Wheelbarrow commented on how the center of gravity is excellent.

Gorilla Garden Dump Cart
This particular wheelbarrow is different from traditional ones as it has four wheels. It is more like a cart but can still serve the purpose of transporting heavy objects in and out of the garden. The cart comes with a cool release feature that allows you to easily unload the objects or materials the cart was loaded with.

Jackson Wheelbarrow
The Jackson Wheelbarrow features a single wheel and two handles. It is more expensive than our other recommendations but for good reasons. The heavy-gauge steel tray and 16-inch tire allows this wheelbarrow to handle a heavy load without sacrificing too much maneuverability.

Components of a Wheelbarrow

There are four important components of a wheelbarrow that you should consider in the decision-making process. They are the wheels, the frame, the handle, and the tray. Each of these components will determine the wheelbarrow’s ease of use. Some may be more important than others. This really depends on your physical state and the area of land you’ll be working on.

Wheelbarrow Considerations

Wheels: most wheelbarrows have single or dual wheels. The shape of the wheel and the material it is made out of will help determine a wheelbarrow’s ease of use. Single wheels generally have wider mobility but they do require greater strength to control and adjust. On the flip side, two wheel wheelbarrows can carry a heavier load without needing as much strength to control. If you’ll be transporting a lot of heavy objects or material like soil or large container pots then it may make more sense to go for two-wheel wheelbarrows. If it’s just a few potted plants or other light garden materials then consider the alternative.

Handle: traditional wheelbarrows have handles that are designed to provide great maneuverability but this comes at the expense of using more strength. If you don’t have a lot of upper-body strength then you may want to consider a wheelbarrow that has a handle with an ergonomic touch.

Tray: ideally, you should be looking for a wheelbarrow that can take a beating. The material of the tray will play a large part in the longevity of your future wheelbarrow. Most of them are made of steel or plastic. Steel trays can handle more weight but they are prone to rusting and would also make the wheelbarrow heavier. Plastic trays are better suited for light gardening activities. Plastic won’t rust but it may crack under heavy stress.

Frame: you want to make sure the tray is supported by a sturdy frame. Many wheelbarrows will have a frame made of steel. If you live in an area with unpredictable climate then you may want to consider a wheelbarrow with frames that are weather-resistant. If you have a grow tent then you may want to find a wheelbarrow that can fit inside the tent.

Hopefully, the above should give you an idea of the main factors to consider when purchasing a wheelbarrow. We now present you with a list of products that have proven to be popular among gardeners and landscapers.

We hope one of the above will suit your gardening needs. If you don’t have a wheelbarrow yet then make sure you get one soon. It will do your back a big favor. If you are dealing with rodents like moles or groundhogs then these wheelbarrows are perfect for handling any mounds that need to be taken care.

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