Best Weatherstripping for Old Doors | 2020 Review

Door Weatherstripping

Old doors are a common culprit of draft and high utility bills during the cold weather season due to their inability to insulate. One simple way to get rid of the draft altogether is to implement weatherstripping along the sides of the door.

Product NameOur RatingSeal Length
Duck Brand Self Adhesive Foam Weatherstrip★★★★★3/4 x 3/8-inch x 10 feet long
KELIIYO Door Weather Stripping★★★★★0.354 x 0.295 Inch x 33 feet long
VITAM AMO Weather Stripping★★★★33/64 x 35/64 inch x 18 feet long
Yotache Foam Tape Weather Stripping★★★★1/2 X 3/8 inch x 13 feet long

Weatherstripping Features to Watch Out For

Weatherstripping is inexpensive but it’s worthwhile to look at the following features so that you find a product that will properly block out the cold air that goes through the sides of the old door.

Strong Adhesive Backing

The last thing you want is for the weatherstripping to gradually peel off after a few weeks due to a poor adhesive backing. Make sure the weatherstripping product you purchase is known to stick firmly to the material surface of your old door.


The function of a weatherstrip isn’t to just block out the cold air. It can also serve other useful purposes such as preventing small pests like mosquitoes from entering as well as blocking out noise pollution from outside. Try to find an old door weatherstrip that can serve multiple functions.

Weatherstrip Thickness

One of the most important considerations is the thickness of the weatherstrip. You need to measure the length of the gaps along the side of the old door to get a sense of how thick the weatherstrip needs to be. Thin weatherstrips won’t do any good if the gaps are wide.

Top Weatherstrips for Old Doors

Duck Brand Self Adhesive Foam Weatherstrip Seal

The Duck self-adhesive weatherstrip is best for those who are covering large gaps along old doors and windows. Each seal is about 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch x 10 feet long.

The weatherstrip is made of EPDM Rubber, which does well in the summer heat and winter cold. You don’t have to worry about it cracking in freezing temperature.

KELIIYO Door Weather Stripping

This package comes with two rolls of weatherstrip that do a great job of blocking out outside elements like wind, dust, and sound.

This weatherstripping is best suited for blocking old door gaps that range from 5 to 7 mm. We like that it is made of environmentally-friendly materials.

Yotache High-Density Foam Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping from yotache offers a lot flexibility as it comes in several different sizes. The smallest size comes to about 1″ x 1/8″ in width and thickness, while the largest has a size of 3/4″ x 5/16″.

We like that this old door weatherstrip comes with a strong adhesive as well as offering other properties like shock absorption.

Weatherstripping FAQ

What Side of the Door Does Weatherstripping Go On?

Weatherstrips are typically put on the top, bottom, and right side of the door. It largely depends on where the exposed gaps are. You need to measure an approximate length of the door sides then cut the weatherstrip to the appropriate length.

How Do You Weatherproof an Old Door?

Weatherstripping is the inexpensive option when it comes to weatherproofing old doors. You also have other options like implementing exterior caulk and implementing door sweeps. These options, however, may require a bit more manual work to implement.

Do Weather Strips Work?

Yes, they are one of the most effective solutions for stopping draft from entering your home, especially if you don’t want to invest heavily in getting a new door. You will be surprised by how much of a difference weatherstripping can have in reducing the utility bills.

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