Best Trellis for Growing Cucumbers | 2020 Review

Garden Trellis

Plan to grow your own organic cucumbers in the backyard? Well, one gardening structure you most definitely will need is a trellis. These wiring structures support the cucumber plant tendrils and keep the cucumbers clean and healthy.

Product NameOur RatingTrellis Type
PANACEA PRODUCTS 46" x 18" Light Green Trellis★★★★★A-Frame
Luster Leaf 869 Vine and Veggie Trellis★★★★Netting
VIVOSUN Heavy-Duty Polyester Plant Trellis★★★★Netting
Scroll Trellis for Small Spaces★★★★★Cage

Cucumber Trellis Features

When shopping for a trellis, there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you look for one that will support the growth of a cucumber plant, including the durability of the structure and the design.

Shape of the Trellis

The purpose of a trellis is to support the cucumber plant’s vertical growth. Trellises actually come in a number of different shapes and sizes. You can get one in the form of a tent or a trellis in the form of a heavy-duty netting that is supported by stakes.

Height of the Trellis

For growing cucumbers, we suggest getting a trellis that is at least four to six feet tall. Cucumber plants can grow up to six feet tall and up to three feet wide so you want to make sure there is enough space on the trellis for the cucumber tendrils to cling onto.

Durability and Support of Trellis

Cucumber plants can start to get quite heavy when the ‘fruits’ start to appear. It’s important for the trellis to be made of heavy-duty materials like rustproof metal in order to handle the weight. Healthy cucumber plants can produce up to 5 pounds of cucumber.

Top Trellises for Growing Cucumbers

PANACEA PRODUCTS A-Frame Light Green Trellis

This A-Shaped garden trellis is a good fit for growing cucumbers because it can easily handle the height of a mature plant. The dimension of this trellis comes out to about 46″ x 18″.

It’s light enough for most people to handle on their own and easy enough to set up as there’s no specific assembling required.

Luster Leaf 869 Vine and Veggie Trellis Net

This is a sturdy trellis net that will work well for growing vine-supported plants like cucumbers. The heavy-duty nylon net makes it easy for the plant tendrils to cling on to. The net also has a green color so the net will blend well into the garden landscape.

The overall size of this trellis net comes out to about 5′ X 30′. Each net square has a size of about 5.25″.

Scroll Trellis for Small Spaces

If you are only growing a few cucumber plants in planter boxes then we suggest this trellis structure which is designed for small spaces. The dimension comes out to about 20″ x 20″ x 38″.

This trellis looks almost like an open cage with sturdy legs for the climbing plants to easily cling onto. You will need a planter or a container that can support the size of this trellis cage.

Cucumber Trellis Care FAQ

Do I Need a Trellis for Cucumbers?

Generally speaking, there are two ways in which cucumber plants grow, as a bush and as a vine. A trellis isn’t required if you are growing the bush varieties. These cucumber species can be easily grown in containers and have stems that can easily support the weight of the plant. Vine species, on the other hand, require a trellis to produce a healthy, abundant harvest.

How Tall Should a Cucumber Trellis Be?

Whether it’s an actual trellis structure or a trellis netting, an ideal height for a cucumber trellis comes out to about four to six feet, which is what you can expect for a mature vine plant.

How Do You Make a Cucumber Grow Faster?

In addition to getting a trellis, there are other steps to help grow a healthy cucumber plants. This includes finding a spot in the yard where the plants will get plenty of direct sunlight and mulching the soil to keep pests like aphids at bay.

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