Best Toilet Papers for Septic Tanks | 2020 Review

Toilet Paper

Houses that are connected to septic tanks could be more prone to clogging and other drainage issues as waste such as toilet paper can become obstructions in the pipelines. One way to prevent this is to use biodegradable toilet paper that are designed to break down faster.

Product NameOur RatingThickness
Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue★★★★★1-Ply
Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper★★★★★1-Ply
NooTrees Bamboo Tree★★★★3-Ply
Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue★★★★2-Ply

Important Factors of Toilet Paper

Here are the main factors you should consider as you shop around for a toilet paper that is safe for septic tanks. It’s importance to find the right balance between comfort and biodegradability.

Biodegradable Material

Toilet papers that are safe for septic tanks are typically marketed as biodegradable or fast-dissolving (you will see this on the package). An example of this is toilet paper made of 100% bamboo pulp, which could also be considered a more eco-friendly than traditional tree pulp.

Hypoallergenic and Chemical-Free

Some people may have skin that is sensitive to certain chemicals that are found in toilet paper. For this reason, it might be important to find a toilet paper that is hypoallergenic or is free of chemicals like Paraben and perfumes.

Toilet Paper Thickness

Ever wonder why you end up needing to do more wipes when you use toilet paper from the public bathrooms? It’s most likely due to the paper thickness. Ply is the measurement used for toilet paper thickness. While bigger ply paper tends to be more effective, they are also tend to take longer to break down so you need to aim for something in the middle.

Top Toilet Papers for Septic Tanks

Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue

This toilet paper is well-suited for homes with septic tanks. It’s primarily designed for mobile homes like RVs, which tend to have smaller pipes.

This is a good choice if you are looking for toilet paper that will quickly dissolve without sacrificing the comfort and absorbing feature that high-quality toilet papers have.

NooTrees Bamboo 3-ply Bathroom Tissue

This is a special type of toilet paper that is made of 100% bamboo pulp, and not the traditional tree pulp that comes with most toilet papers.

It absorbs well and is a great fit for people with sensitive skin. This toilet paper is free of BPAs, fragrances, dyes, and chemicals.

Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

This is another fast-dissolving tissue that is well-suited for septic tanks and portables homes including RVs and boats. It is a 2-ply toilet paper that feels soft and has decent absorption properties.

Each roll contains 396 sheets so it offers good value when you consider the price against the paper’s quality. Do note, however, that it may not be as soft as other marine toilet papers you come across.

FAQ for Toilet Papers

Is it Okay to Flush Toilet Paper into a Septic Tank?

It’s preferable that you don’t flush anything down the toilet aside from toilet waste. Otherwise, a valid option would be to only flush toilet paper that is marked as septic-safe. Typically, these are toilet papers that have 1 or 2-ply in thickness. Anything else you flush into the toilet may clog or cause a build-up in the septic tank.

How to Test if a Toilet Paper is Safe for a Septic Tank?

One simple method to test whether a toilet paper is safe for a septic tank is by taking one sheet and swishing it in a container of water for a few seconds. If you see signs of the toilet paper dissolving then it should be okay for the septic tank.

What Should You Not Put in a Septic Tank?

Aside from toilet paper that doesn’t dissolve quickly, you should also avoid putting other household waste like used kitchen towels, cigarette butts, and sanitary tampons.