Best Storage Sheds for Backyard Spaces | 2020 Review

Outdoor Storage Shed

A sturdy outdoor storage shed will provide the space to protect your valuable yard equipment, ladder, bikes, and other outdoor accessories. A high-quality shed won’t just keep the weather out, it will also keep out the niftiest of intruders.

Product NameOur RatingDimensions
Rubbermaid FG374901OLVSS Vertical Storage Shed★★★★★26.4" x 20.4" x 68.4"
Suncast Vertical Shed Outdoor Storage★★★★6' x 3'
SuncastStow - Away Horizontal Storage Shed★★★★5.4' x 3.2'
LIFETIME 60254 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box★★★★★59.3" x 25" x 25.3"

Storage Shed Features

Storage sheds are hefty investments so make sure you pay close attention to the following aspects when you shop around for one. Aside from the overall construction, there are other parts to think about including safety and usability.

Reinforced Shed Floor

It’s important for the floor of the storage shed to be reinforced with sturdy construction materials, especially for those who plan to store heavy equipment and machines like lawn mowers. You don’t want the floor to break through due to it to being too flimsy.

Lockable Shed Doors

Some storage sheds will have doors to allow you to easily lock with a sturdy padlock. The door itself should also be designed so that it can’t be easily taken apart with tools like screwdrivers.

Secure Windows

Some outdoor storage sheds may come with windows to provide the inner space some natural sunlight. Make sure these windows are secure and will allow for easy viewing if that’s important.

Top Storage Sheds for Backyards

Suncast 6′ x 3′ Vertical Shed Outdoor Storage

This sturdy outdoor storage shed provides ample space with its 6′ x 3′ construction. The exterior is constructed with all-weather resin material so it will hold well against rain or sun.

The floors are also reinforced with sturdy materials so don’t be shy about storing heavy machines like tractors. The shed won’t be an eyesore given its simple design.

SuncastStow – Away Horizontal Storage Shed

This horizontal storage shed is great for storing small to medium-sized lawn accessories and tools including leaf blowers, garbage cans, and lawn mowers. The multi-walled polypropylene resin panels will make this shed long-lasting as long as it is given decent maintenance.

This storage shed also comes with a three-door lock system for maximum security.

Rubbermaid FG374901OLVSS Vertical Storage Shed

If your yard doesn’t offer a lot of space then consider getting this vertically-designed storage shed, which is perfect for storing all your small yard accessories.

This storage shed comes with a double-wall construction for added durability, and it will also do well against bad weather as the shed is designed to be leak and weather-resistant.

Storage Shed FAQ

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build a Shed?

It may come out cheaper to build if you know where to source the storage shed materials and if you already have the equipment and skills to be able to build the shed without too many complications. Otherwise, we suggest you to buy a shed for the convenience.

How Do You Prepare the Ground for a Shed?

Before you place the storage shed in the yard, you should do the appropriate preparation on the space where the shed will be placed. For example, you should remove all grass and weed from the space then provide a concrete surface by using materials like gravel.

Can a Storage Shed be Placed on Grass?

We don’t recommend this for many reasons. First, placing a heavy storage shed on unstable ground with grass may cause all sorts of distortions to the inner space of the storage shed. It may speed up the process of rot and other destabilizing processes.