Best Solar-Powered Christmas Lights | 2020 Review

Solar Christmas Lights

Get into the Christmas spirit by hanging these beautiful solar-powered Christmas lights around the yard and patio. The added benefit of these Christmas lights is that these lights won’t add to your utility bill given they are solar-powered.

Product NameOur RatingLength
Joomer Solar String Lights ★★★★★72 feet
Binval Solar Fairy Christmas String Lights★★★★72 feet
Strawberry String LED Lights★★★★21 feet
Bripower Garden Solar Lights,★★★★24 feet

Christmas Light Features to Watch Out For

Here are a few factors that are worth paying attention to when you are shopping for solar Christmas lights. In addition to the design, these factors are important for usability of the product.

Waterproof Protection

Chances are, these solar-powered Christmas lights will be exposed to the weather elements (rain and snow) so it’s important that the lights are waterproof. This is also important from a safety standpoint. Look for one that has a IP rating of at least 65 or higher.

Ease of Installation

How do you plan on using these solar Christmas lights? Will they be implemented along the yard path or along the fence or patio walls? Some Christmas lights will come with a solar panel stake so that it is easier for you to assemble and install.

Christmas Light Modes

If you want to go beyond the standard lights then consider getting one that comes with multiple lighting options. For example, some solar Christmas lights will be able to blink or flash in a variety of ways or in a variety of Christmas colors.

Top Solar Christmas Lights

SUPSOO Solar String Lights

This Christmas light has a length of 72 feet with 200 solar lights attached. It even comes with eight different lighting modes so you can add a bit of variety to your yard decoration each night.

The solar lights also come with IP65 waterproof protection so it will be able hand to all sorts of winter weather including rain and snow.

Blingstar Solar Christmas Lights

The Blingstar Christmas lights are 75 feet long and also comes with eight different lighting modes. We like that it comes with a remote control so you can easily control the lighting option without having to take a step outside.

Just place the solar panel stake in an area that gets plenty of sunlight to get this light going at night.

Solar Christmas Strawberry Lights

These solar Christmas lights have a beautiful strawberry bulb design. The total length is 21 feet with the whole line featuring 50 LED bulbs. This is a great option for those want to hang lights along their covered patio.

It comes with different lighting modes including flashing, slow fade, and sequential lighting.

Christmas Lights FAQ

How Long do Solar Christmas Lights Last?

Generally-speaking, you can expect solar Christmas lights to last a good three of four years as long as they are taken good care of. In terms of how long they run per night, that depends on the quality and placement of the solar panels. If you place the panels in an area that gets direct sunlight all day then you can expect the Christmas lights to run all night.

Can Solar Lights Stay Out in Winter?

Yes, but you need to make sure the Christmas solar lights come with the necessary protection to be able to withstand certain weather elements during the winter. At minimum, the solar lights should have waterproof protection so it doesn’t get damaged against rain and snow.

What Are the Brightest Solar Lights?

If you are looking for bright Christmas lights then look for those that come with task lights or spotlights. The best solar lights should be able to offer a brightness that’s equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb.

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