Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure | 2020 Review

Shower Head

Are you having a hard time taking a shower due to the low water pressure from the shower pipes? If it’s taking forever to rinse your body and hair due to the weak, trickling water then it’s time you replace the shower head with one that can deal with low water pressure.

Product NameOur RatingFinish
H02ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head ★★★★★Chrome Finish
Hopopro High Pressure Showerhead★★★★Chrome Finish
YOO.MEE Handheld Shower Head★★★★Brushed Nickel Finish
High Sierra 1.5 GPM Shower Head★★★★Bronze Finish

Shower Head Features to Watch Out For

There are a couple of factors to consider when you are shopping around for a shower head that can deal with low water pressure.

Spray Functionalities

Shower heads have come a long way with consumers now having the luxury to be able to choose the type of water patterns and pressure that comes out from the shower head. You will notice that some shower heads come with multiple spray functions, from power massage to mist.

Corrosion Resistance

You want to make sure the shower head is resistant to corrosion if you don’t want to be replacing the shower head unit every few months, this is especially important for those that live in places with hard water. Make sure the internal components of the shower head can handle minerals, salt, and other substances that can be found in tap water.

Shower Head Installation

You don’t necessarily need a handy man to be able to install shower heads in the bathroom. Most shower heads will come with simple instructions to replace the existing shower head. It would also be handy if the package came with tools like teflon tape to prevent water leakage while the shower head is being installed.

Top Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

YOO.ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

This beautiful shower head by YOO.MEE has a brushed nickel finish for a simple but pleasing look. We like that this shower head comes with silicone rubber jet nozzles, which may prevent the build-up of minerals.

It also comes with three different water spraying options: powerful shooting, pulse massage, and a mix of both.

Lokby High Pressure Handheld Shower

There won’t be many shower heads that can beat this unit in terms of functionality. You get six different spraying modes: power massage, rain, high-pressure rain, mist, pause, and rain + mist.

Being able to select different modes will also allow you to conserve water over time. The package also comes with a 2.5 GPM water flow restrictor if that is needed.

High Sierra’s All Metal 1.5 GPM Shower Head

If functionality isn’t as important then consider this shower head by High Sierra. This simple nozzle will produce a strong, pressurized spray coverage despite having a 1.5 GPM flow rate.

The other important part is the water conservation. You can save up to 40% of water by replacing this with an older model shower head. It’s a good win for you and a win for the environment.

Shower Heads FAQ

Why is My Shower Water Pressure So Low?

Shower water pressure is dependent on a number of factors such as the pressure of the water pipe and the design of the shower head. It could also happen due to a leakage or blockage in the water pipes. If you live in an old building then it is likely that there are issues with the water pipes. It’s always a good idea to check this with the professionals.

Do All Shower Heads Fit the Same?

Yes, most shower heads should have the same fit as the same connection is used across the the country. You might have to pay a bit more attention to this aspect if you are ordering the shower head from a different country. In the US, the standard thread size is about 1/2 inch NPT.

How Often Should You Change the Shower Head?

A lot of people can forget how the shower head can be a perfect breeding environment for harmful bathroom bacteria. We suggest replacing the shower head at least once a year to reduce the potential of harmful bacteria getting in your way while you take a shower.