Best Rain Barrel for Huge Savings on Garden Water Bills

Rain barrels are a good way to conserve gardening costs. If you are facing increasing water utility bills on a monthly basis then try tapping into some natural resource instead to keep your plants growing. Rain barrels are especially useful for people who live in areas that receive a lot of rain. These barrels are designed in a way for you to easily take out water when needed.

RTS Rain Barrel

RTS Home Rain Barrel

This giant of a rain barrel can store up to 50 gallons of water. It can even be linked to other barrels which mean you can collect even more rainwater without having to worry about any overflowing issues. The RTS is considered one of the best rain barrels because it has a nice screen that stops debris and insects from falling into the barrel. It also has a nice authentic oak texture so it fits well with any garden decor.

Fiskars Rain Barrel

Fiskars Rain Barrel

When large rain barrels are placed on the ground, some people have issues with collecting the rainwater because the tap is too low. You won’t have such issues with the Fiskars rain barrel. The tap is specifically placed higher from the ground to make it easier for gardeners to fill watering cans. It also has a flat back so you can easily place it against the wall.

Koolatron Rain Barrel

Koolatron Rain Barrel

This particular rain barrel has a unique shape. It looks like one of those ancient jugs you see hanging around in museums. It is made of UV-resistant material so you won’t have to worry about any particular issues related to cracking or color fading. It also comes with a nice screen that keeps all the debris away. When you pour the rainwater out from the tap, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how clean the water is.

The best rain barrel doesn’t necessarily collect the most water. You should be looking for ones that are able to effectively screen out debris and insects. You should also consider rain barrels that are made of durable materials. You don’t want one that breaks after a few weeks of use! Also, if you are from an area that receives a lot of rain then make sure you get a rain barrel that can be connected to other normal ones.

Rain Barrels – Important Features

Rain barrels come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to consider a number of different features before making the final purchase. The first important feature to consider is the size. This really depends on how much rain your area receives. If you live in a somewhat gloomy place that receives rain every day then you want to maximize the rain collecting opportunity by getting a large tank. Keep in mind that the water collected from the rain barrel does not have to be just used for gardening purposes. It can also be used for indoor purposes.

Another important feature to consider when buying a rain barrel is the filter. Obviously, you do not want any debris to accumulate in the tank so a good filter is needed to block them out. Most rain barrels should come with a filter but it is always good to check beforehand. Filters can keep out objects like dead leaves and insects.

The last feature to consider is the faucet. You want it to be as easy as possible to get the collected water out. Rather than having to tip the whole tank to one side, it would be much easier to have a faucet in place so the water can just be taken out with one flick. Again, most rain barrels come with decent faucet systems but make sure they are located in an area that allows you to easily take water out.