Best Rain Barrels for Huge Savings on Garden Water Bills

Suffering from high utility bills? Conserving water is one way of reducing the utility bills. One way of conserving water is by placing rain barrels around your backyard.

Top Rain Barrel Recommendations

Rain Barrel Recommendations

RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel
This rain barrel can collect up 50-gallons of rainwater. This is the perfect addition for homeowners who live in areas that receive a moderate amount of rain. The rain barrel can be a beautiful addition to any garden as it has an authentic oak barrel texture.

Oatey Rainwater Collection System
You don’t necessarily have to buy a whole barrel. Get some plastic drums and attach an Oatey Rainwater system to create a makeshift rain barrel. The Oatey system helps direct rainwater into the collection barrels. It also comes with a 4 ft. flow hose.

Rain Barrel Tips

Check out the following tips to make the most of rain barrels.

Rain Barrel Mosquito Goldfish

Pest Management
Rain barrels can become an unwanted source of pests like mosquitoes and fruit flies. Make sure your rain barrel does not become a pest breeding ground by checking the inner content of the barrel on a regular basis.

Importance of Location
The rain barrel can’t be just placed anywhere in the backyard. Ideally, the rain barrel should be aligned under a roof gutter. If access to a gutter is not available then you will need to implement a collection system on top of the rain barrel.

Debris Collection
Screen the opening of the rain barrel to prevent debris from getting inside. A proper screen can also prevent pests from entering. Clear out the screen on a regular basis so that the rainwater can continue to flow into the container.

Winter Management
Live in an area that gets cold icy winter? Make sure the whole content of the rain barrel is drained when temperatures drops below freezing. Water left in the tank will freeze and expand. This may cause the rain barrel to rupture.

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