Best Pruning Shears for Gardening & Landscaping

Today, there are many tools for gardeners to select from. Some are fads, while others have genuine benefits. Pruning shears fit under the latter category. Pruning shears serve an important purpose for gardeners and landscapers. A good pruning shear will cut materials like tree branches and stems with little effort. A bad pruning shear will lead to a lot of wrist fatigue. In this article, you’ll learn about a number of important factors to consider when selecting a pruning shear. This will be followed with our list of recommendations on the best pruning shears in the market.

Pruning Shears Components

There are a few main components to consider when you decide on which pruning shear to buy. These are: the handle, the blade, and the cutting capacity.

The handle is an important component of the pruning shear. As we mentioned before, wrist and hand fatigue is a common consequence for those who use shears on a regular basis. These days, manufacturers of pruning shears find ways to minimize such conditions from occurring. The issue for them is that hands can come in various shapes and sizes. Hands can be small, large, and wide. People could also be left-handed, right-handed, or even ambidextrous. Regardless of which you fit under, you may find that the handle of certain pruning shears are shaped more comfortably than others. Before you buy one, it is always recommended to read customer reviews to figure out any who fit a similar profile to yourself.

Pruning Tips for Gardeners

Many gardeners, especially those that are fairly new to the activity, underestimate the importance of the cutting capacity. This refers to the distance between the blades. Obviously, you won’t be doing too much with tree branches if you have a shear that has a small cutting capacity. This is why it’s important to plan ahead. Why do you need a pruning shear? What will it be used for? If you are doing some maintenance work on small shrubs then shears with a large cutting capacity is not needed. Cutting capacity should also be decided on based on one’s strength.

Last but not least, consider what kind of blade the shear has. For example, the Fiskars pruning shear has a blade with low-friction coating. This is designed to help the blade glide through the material, and prevent it from gumming up with sap and debris. These are just one of many features that a blade may have. You may want to also consider a blade that has anti-rust properties. This is especially important if you live in an area with a humid climate.

Components aside, you may also want to consider the type of pruning shear you are getting. You can learn more about the different types by browsing through the selection of pruning shears that are available in the market. Most pruning shears will fit under one of these categories: bypass, anvil, or double cut.

We hope you are now at a good starting point to select some pruning shears for your shortlist. Here are a few that we recommend. You should definitely spend some time reading the customer reviews and figure out whether any of these shears would be a great fit for you as well.

Pruning Shear Recommendations

Best Pruning & Gardening Shears

Fiskars Pruning Shears
This particular pruning shear is designated for gardeners looking to cut stems or light branches. As we described earlier, the blade has low-friction coating, which allows it to glide through the material more easily. This is important as it’ll reduce the risk of making you cut yourself. The one downside is the handle. Some users have mentioned that the plastic handle makes it a little uncomfortable to use. Click here to learn more about it.

Gonicc Pruning Shears
This pruning shear is known for having a solid ergonomic handle and a cutting capacity that is wide enough to cut through the branches of many tree species. Most users commented that the quality of the blade is excellent but you might want to review it further if you have small hands. While it’ll still work fine, people with smaller hands may tire a little more quickly when using this pruning shear. Click here to read more.

Sidex Gardening Shears
This is the least expensive option out of our three recommendations. Don’t be fooled by that though. This gardening shear is light-weight and will do the job for those who need to prune small plants and light branches. Click here to learn more about it.