Best Outdoor Picnic Tables for Kids and Toddlers

Picnic Tables Toddlers

Spring and summer is soon here meaning it’s soon time to enjoy quality time outdoors with your family and friends. One great way to encourage your toddlers and kids to enjoy their time in the yard or lawn is by getting them a children-specific picnic table.

Recommended Picnic Table for Toddlers

The most important qualities of a kids picnic table is for it to have a sturdy construction and a simple-enough assembling procedure so that it is easy for you to store away once the cooler season comes into play. Here are the tables we recommend for toddlers:

Step 2 Kids Picnic Table

If you are looking for a kids picnic table with a fun twist then consider this one designed by a company called Step 2. There are several aspects we like about this table. First, it’s very easy to assemble and disassemble. You just need to snap together the different components without the use of any tools.

Second, we like how sturdy the construction is so you don’t have to worry too much from a safety point. The table can withstand up to 40 lbs per seat so there shouldn’t be an issue for most children and toddlers to use the table.

Last but not least, it also comes with a square umbrella to protect your toddlers from the sunlight during a hot summer day. This umbrella can also be easily removed and stored when it is no longer needed. Your kids can also spend quality time learning about the benefits of gardening as a result of these tables.

Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Outdoor Table

Consider this picnic table for toddlers if you are looking for something that has a bit more interactive elements. This multipurpose table has a removable table-top section where a small sand and water box can be stored underneath.

There are two benches on either side of the table so up to four children can sit on it at any given time. The table is also constructed with 100% real wood, so you can be assured of its strength and durability. The one minor downside is the umbrella, which some people found to not be the most sturdy during a slightly windy day.

KidKraft Outdoor Table and Bench Set

If aesthetics is the most important consideration factor then consider this outdoor table by KidKraft. The picnic table is constructed with weather-resistant wood and also comes with matching bench cushions and canopy.

It will take a bit longer to construct when compared to other tables but you will see that it is well worth the effort once the final product is visible in front of you. There is also plenty of space. It can fit up to six toddlers so this picnic table will be useful if you plan to hold a large party.

Lifetime Picnic Table for Toddlers

If you are interested in a more simple picnic table then we suggest you take a look at this kids picnic table designed by a brand called Lifetime. It’s a simple 32.5″ table that can comfortably seat up to four children or toddlers.

The bench and tabletop is made with high-density polyethylene so it will be able to resist a decent amount of weight. There’s also no need to disassemble this picnic table. You just need to fold it flat when it’s not in use.

Flash Furniture Kids Table

This is a good table set if you want the chairs to come separately from the tabletop. It comes with four colorful chairs that add a bright touch to the overall set. The sponge foam padding makes it comfortable for kids to sit on.

One slight downside of this product is the storing procedure. The safety lock on the chairs make it a tiny bit difficult to fold them up. Otherwise, if you are looking for something sturdy then this is a great furniture fixture to add in the yard.

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