Best Outdoor Solar String Lights | 2020 Reviews

Outdoor Solar String Lights

Outdoor solar string lights are an affordable and simple way to add warmth and ambiance to the patio, canopy, and backyard. These string lights also have the long-term benefit of adding to your utility bill as they are run by solar energy.

Product NameOur RatingLength
Joomer Solar String Lights ★★★★★72 feet
Brightech Ambience Pro★★★★48 feet
Strawberry String LED Lights★★★★21 feet
Bripower Garden Solar Lights,★★★★24 feet

Solar String Light Features

Here are the factors to consider when you purchase outdoor solar string lights. It’s important to not go cheap and buy string lights that are made of durable material. Low-quality solar string lights may only last a few months before they show signs of wear and tear.

Waterproof and Shatterproof

It’s important to make sure the whole solar string light setup is waterproof and the light bulbs attached to the strings are shatterproof. These outdoor string lights may swing about due to wind and may also have debris flying against it as a result of the weather conditions.

Ease of Installation

Ideally, you should find outdoor solar string lights that are straightforward to install. For example, the solar panel may either come in the form of a stake so that it can be easily plugged to the ground, or a clip that can be attached to the patio barrier.

Type of Light Bulb

In addition to the light bulb being shatterproof, you may also want to check the type of light bulb being used as some bulbs are known to be more bright or energy-efficient than others.

Top Outdoor Solar String Lights

Brightown Outdoor String Light

This high-quality solar string light come with 100 clear Edison G40 Bulbs that adds great ambiance to the surrounding area. The bulbs are also dimmer-compatible, which would allow you to create a warm and romantic atmosphere to the outdoor space.

The string lights are easy to install. You just need cable ties or cup hooks to fix them to the necessary spots.

SUPSOO Solar String Lights

These fairy lights are great to use for a number of special occasions such as Christmas and outdoor yard parties. The string is 72 feet long and comes with 200 LED lights.

The string lights are weatherproof (comes with IP65 waterproof rating) and the solar panel has a stake so that it can be easily plugged to a suitable location in the yard.

Brightech Ambience Pro

This beautiful patio lights come with high-quality Edison filament bulbs that add a nice vintage ambiance around its surrounding. They are also very well-constructed and can withstand winds of up to 50 MPH.

If you are looking for energy-saving string lights that are built with heavy-duty materials then this is it.

Solar String Lights FAQ

How Long Do Solar String Lights?

This will depend on the product. A lot of the outdoor solar string lights that you will come across are designed to last at least six to eight hours (as long as the solar panels are placed in a suitable location and have received enough direct sunlight).

How Do You Install Solar String Lights?

Outdoor solar string lights are fairly simple to install. For example, string lights that come with fairy light bulbs can just be wrapped around an outdoor yard structure like a pergola or gazebo. String lights that have hanging light bulbs may require clips that attach themselves to the structure or fence.

Do Solar Lights Need Sun or Just Light?

Generally speaking, solar lights will perform best if the panels receive direct sunlight, but it’s still possible for these lights to receive enough energy via indirect sunlight, especially during a cloudy day. We suggest taking a close look around the yard and finding a secure spot where the panel will hold firm and not be overly exposed to weather elements like heavy wind.

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