Best Outdoor Rugs for Rain | 2020 Review

Outdoor Rugs

Do you want to decorate your outdoor space (such as the patio and porch) with a beautiful outdoor rug that won’t have any issues when exposed to the rain? Thankfully, there are plenty of weather-resistant outdoor rugs that can do the job.

Product NameOur RatingDimension & Size
BalajeesUSA Patio Rug★★★★★6' x 9'
Green Decore Arabian Nights Outdoor Rug★★★★6' x 9'
nuLOOM Alana Border Outdoor Rug★★★★5'3" x 7'6"
Durable Dura-Rug★★★★★24" x 36"

Outdoor Rug Features

Aside from making sure the outdoor rug is truly weather-resistant, there are some other aspects to also consider when you are shopping around for a high-quality outdoor rug.

Water and Fade-Resistant

In addition to being water-resistant, it’s also important for the outdoor rug to be made of a material that is fade-proof. There’s a good likelihood for the rug to be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Some materials may fade in color as a result of this.

Durability from High Foot Traffic

Some outdoor rugs will loosen up fairly quickly in high foot traffic conditions. If you expect to be spending a fair amount of time where the outdoor rug will be placed then make sure it comes with a power-loomed construction so that the rug will last a long time.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

The outdoor rugs will get relatively dirty considering the amount of shoes that will be stepping on top of it. Most water-proof outdoor rugs will be easy to care for. You just need to sweep away the debris and hose down the remaining dirt with a garden hose.

Top Outdoor Rugs for Rain

nuLOOM Alana Border Outdoor Rug

the nuLOOM outdoor rug is an economical option for those that seek to add a simple yet classic look to their outdoor porch space. Made with 100% polypropylene, the rug is both water and fade-resistant.

The above properties make this outdoor rug very easy to care for. Just pick it up and shake off all the dirt before using a hose to clear out the remaining debris.

Ottomanson 5X7 Sundance Collection Rug

We love this outdoor rug because of its versatility. It’s reversible, meaning you can just switch to other side of the rug once one side becomes too worn out.

It is also power-loomed with 100% polypropylene so it can easily withstand high foot traffic. More importantly, it offers some resistance to stains and fading colors.

BalajeesUSA 6’x9′ Patio Rug

This is an excellent rug addition for mobile home owners. You can pick from a wide variety of patterns including flowery and colorful stripe patterns.

It’s a good outdoor rug because it won’t soil easily and very easy to clean if dirt does get on top of the rug surface. The size and weight of this rug also makes it easily portable.

Outdoor Rugs FAQ

How Do I Protect My Outdoor Rug from Rain?

Most outdoor rugs will already offer some water-resistance again the rain. To maintain the rug’s longevity, we would suggest the following. First, make sure the rug properly dries out on each side. Second, store the rug away when the outdoor space is not in use or when you anticipate a heavy storm is incoming.

What is the Best Material for Outdoor Rugs?

The most economical option is to go for an outdoor rug that is made of 100% polypropylene. This synthetic material works well for humid, damp, and rainy climates. It’s also relatively easy to clean and offers some fade resistance against the sun.

How Long Does an Outdoor Rug Last?

This will depend on how well you maintain the outdoor rugs. On average, you can expect one to last three to five years before they require replacing. Some outdoor rugs may last shorter if they go through high foot traffic and are exposed to a lot of rain.

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