Best Outdoor Patio Heaters for Winter | 2020 Review

Outdoor Patio Heaters

Yes, with these outdoor patio heaters, you can still enjoy your outdoor patio space despite the bitter cold of late Autumn and Winter. You may not notice how cold it is outside once you have one of these heaters turned on in the patio.

Product NameOur RatingBTU Heat Output
Golden Flame Heater★★★★★46,000 BTUs
PAMAPIC Patio Heater★★★★★46,000 BTUs
Legacy Heating Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater★★★★47,000 BTUs
hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater★★★★41,000 BTUs

Outdoor Patio Heater Features

Given their expensive price, there are a number of factors you should consider as you shop around for an outdoor patio heater. This could include environmental factors like how windy the patio is as well the following aspects related to the product.

Heat Output

If you have a large patio space then you may need to get a patio heater that has a large heat output. Most heater output you come across will be measured in BTUs. The standard heater will have an average heat output of about 40,000 BTUs.

Safety Aspects

Given that you are dealing with heat and gas, you want to make sure the outdoor patio heater comes with safety components and features. For example, some heaters will have an auto-shut Off Tilt valve for added safety.

Waterproof Cover

The outdoor patio heater will be exposed to the weather elements (including snow and rain) so it’s important that the external cover of the heater is waterproof. Some heater packages will come with a waterproof nylon fabric cover which you can put on when the heater is not in use.

Top Outdoor Patio Heaters

hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater

This freestanding outdoor patio heater is 87 inches tall and has a heat output of 41,000 BTUs. The high-grade steel and bronze finish ensures the durability of this heater by reducing the risk of rust.

We like that this heater comes with an auto shut-off functionality and a user-friendly ignition system. All you have to do is to press a button for up to 90 seconds to turn on the heater.

BALI OUTDOORS Propane Patio Heaters

If you are looking for something that will impress your visitors then consider this BALI outdoor propane heater. It has a BTU output of 36,000, which can distribute the heat in a five to six foot radius.

We like that this heater comes with a steel grill that will keep you in a safe distance from the flames. It also has the auto shut-off valve.

Red Tube Space Heater

If you have a small patio space then a freestanding heater may not be necessary. Instead, you can set up one of these electric heaters, which are also known to be energy-efficient.

We like that this comes with a remote control so it’s easy for you to configure the heating level.

Outdoor Patio Heating FAQ

Do Outdoor Patio Heaters Really Work?

This is a question that we get quite a lot from people interested in buying outdoor patio heaters. Generally-speaking, they work very well but there can be factors beyond your control that make them less effective in certain situations. Patio heaters typically emit radiant heat that travels through the surrounding air to keep you warm.

Can You Use a Patio Heater on a Covered Porch?

This depends on the type of patio heater. For example, standalone patio heaters may emit a lot of smoke and heat so they aren’t ideal for covered porch placement. It’s not just the safety hazard from the smoke. The heat emitted by the heater may also damage the porch cover.

Are Gas of Electric Patio Heaters Better?

Each type offers their own pros and cons. Gas patio heaters, for example, may be cheaper to buy, but you may find that electric heaters are more efficient. In terms of installation, you may need a professional to help you with the initial setup if you are going for an electric patio heater.