Best Outdoor Furniture for Salty Coastal Air | 2020 Review

Outdoor Furniture

If you live by the coast then it’s important to get outdoor furniture made of material that can handle the salty air. Furniture that aren’t designed for coastal use may rust and degrade faster than others. Here are some recommendations we have for outdoor coastal furniture.

Product NameOur RatingMaterial
Highwood Classic Westport Adirondack Chair★★★★Stainless Steel
Goplus 4-Piece Rattan Patio Furniture Set★★★★★PE rattan
Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box★★★★★Weather-resistant resin
Giantex 3pcs Bistro Table Set★★★Cast Aluminum

Coastal Furniture Features

Outdoor furniture can be an expensive investment so we want to make sure they are durable and will last for the long-term. These are some additional considerations for those who live by the sea.

Furniture Material & Construction

As mentioned earlier, some types of material will rust much faster in salty air conditions. For example, the coastal spray and high humidity can speed up the process of rusting for certain types of metal. For this reason, you may want to consider furniture made of materials like aluminum and marine-grade polymer, which are better equipped to handle the seaside environment.

Water-Resistant Durability

If you live on the beach or right by the coastline then it may be important for the outdoor furniture, especially fabric-based ones, to have some water resistance. Alternatively, you can also get some waterproofing spray to apply on the outdoor furniture.

Resistance Against Sunlight

There’s a good chance that the outdoor furniture will also be exposed to plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day. Some types of material may not handle full sun well for a long period of time, and as a result, get affected by processes like discoloration.

Top Outdoor Furniture for Salty Air Conditions

Highwood Classic Westport Adirondack Chair

This high-quality chair will make a great addition on patios, yards, and even sandy spaces. It uses weather-resistant materials to protect the chair against damages that typically occur with seaside furniture such as rot, peels, and cracks.

We like that the material is also fade-resistant so it will handle full sun conditions fairly well.

Keter Weather Resistant Resin Deck Storage Container Box

Weather conditions can sometimes be fairly unpredictable when you live by the sea so it’s important to have some sturdy storage boxes where you can store and protect your yard accessories. We like that this storage box comes with a spacious interior and a secure hydraulic lid.

The storage container is also constructed with resin, which is known for its weather-resistant property.

Giantex 3pcs Bistro Table Set

If you are looking for a classic table set then consider this beautifully-designed set that comes with an antique-bronze finish. The table and seats are constructed with cast aluminum in order to reduce the effects of rust.

The table also features an ice box in the middle where you can store your drinks for a chill summer day.

Outdoor Furniture FAQ

What Outdoor Furniture is the Most Durable?

For those who live where the air is relatively salty, it’s important to get outdoor furniture that’s not prone to rusting. This means furniture made of steel, for example, is not ideal as the salty air will speed up the chemical reaction of rusting.

What is the Best Outdoor Furniture for the Beach?

For beach furniture, it’s important to consider ones that can handle the sandy conditions in addition to the salty air and high humidity. Furniture made of teak wood, for example, offers a good balance of durability and aesthetics in such cases.

How Do I Weatherproof My Furniture?

While it’s ideal to get outdoor furniture that’s already been designed to be weather-resistant, you can also take additional steps to weatherproof the furniture. This could involve using weatherproofing sprays and covers to protect your furniture against bad weather conditions like rain.