Best Outdoor Composting Bins for Sustainable Gardening

Gardening costs can add up quite quickly if you have no clue what you are doing. Composting is at the forefront of sustainable gardening because it allows gardeners to provide high-quality nutrients and minerals to their plants without having to necessarily purchase in-store products. One way of creating your own compost is by using a composting bin. Check these out to learn more about these great products.
Good Ideas Composting Bin
Good Idea Compost Wizard

This composting bin is the perfect way for people looking to create their own organic compost. The Good Idea Compost Wizards comes with two separate chambers, meaning you can create two different batches of compost at the same time. This outdoor composting bin is very well-built and you won’t have too many problems spinning the chambers. The one downside people have mentioned is the small lid, meaning it’s not easy to scoop large piles of compost into the tank in one go.
Algreen Composting Bin
Algreen Products Composting Bin

This composting bin is great for gardeners looking to produce a moderate amount of organic compost in one to two months. It also has a large opening, making it is easy to drop household or organic waste into the composting compartment. Once your compost is ready, all you have to do is to open the small door at the bottom and you’ll have great compost ready for use.
Worm Factory Composting Bin
Worm Factory Outdoor Composting Bin

Compared to the two above, the Worm Factory composting bin has a slightly unique design. You are basically layering trays over trays when producing rich compost with the Worm Factory bin. This means you can have a lot of organic waste composting at different stages, which is very useful for households that produce a large amount of waste on a consistent basis. You also get the added benefit of having worms compost the waste for you.

If you produce enough waste at home then it is more sustainable to create your own organic compost for the garden. These three outdoor composting bins are extremely easy to maintain and use. Your plants will benefit greatly from all the rich nutrients it will receive form the homemade compost. Start making your own now!

Outdoor Composting Bins – Important Features

Composting bins are great for those who want to maintain a sustainable gardening effort. Instead of relying on ready-made compost in gardening stores, you can create your own using household wastes. This is not just a good way to save on costs. It is also a good way of understanding what is needed in order to make organic compost. So what factors should one consider when they are getting composting bins?

One important feature that should be considered is the process. You should find out what method the product uses to help you produce organic compost. This will determine how fast and how much organic compost you will be able to produce in a given period. For example, some products send you worms to speed up the composting process. Other bins are designed in layers, to help you produce fresh amounts of organic compost on a regular basis.

One final feature when it comes to organic compost bins is the type of waste it is able to handle. Before you buy a bin, you should first make a note of all the household waste produced at home that can be put to use. Once that is determined, find a bin that will be able to handle the anticipated load of waste. Obviously, you will want to get a larger compost bin if your home is producing a lot of waste on a regular basis. It wouldn’t be too bad of an idea to start a composting program with your neighbors, especially if they are doing some gardening as well.