Best Mulching Blades to Add to Lawn Mowers | 2020 Review

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are a great addition for those that use a lawn mower on a regular basis. Instead of mowing and raking the grass cuttings from the lawn, you can mulch them instead and recycle the essential grass nutrients from the cut grass.

Product NameOur RatingCenter Hole Size
Maxpower 331981B★★★★★1 inch
MaxPower 561532XB Commercial Mulching Blade★★★★6-Point Star Hole
Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Lawn Mower Blade★★★★0.44-inch
MTD Genuine Parts 942-0741A★★★★-

Mulching Blades Features

Here are some of the aspects to consider when you buy a mulching blade. They need to be the right fit for your lawn mower in order to mulch the grass cuttings correctly.

Type of Lawn Mower Blade

Actually, one can get easily confused between a regular blade and a mulching blade because they aren’t overly different in appearance. In addition to these blades, you also have high-lift blades, medium-lift blades, and low-lift blades.

Mulching Blade Center Hole

The center hole of the mulching blade comes in various sizes (5/8 inches for example) so make sure you get one that matches your lawn mower. You may also come across blades with center holes in the shape of a five point star.

Top Mulching Blades for Lawn Mowers

MaxPower 331737B Mulching Blade

This mulching blade works for 21″ cut brands such as Craftsman and Husqvarna. The blade measures 21 inches long and 2-1/4 inches wide. The center hole is about 5/8 inches in diameter.

Made in the USA. you’ll find this blade to be slightly lighter than the original and the installation to be straightforward.

Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Lawn Mower Blade

This mulching blade has a length of 21.8 inches and a width of 2.25 inches. The diameter of the center hole comes out to about 0.44 inches.

MTD Genuine Parts 942-0741A

This mulching blade will cut grass cleanly and create a healthy lawn by replenishing the nutrients and minerals from the mulch. The blade fits a number of popular walk-behind mowers such as the 11A-B0BL765 and 11A-B0S5700 models.

If done correctly, installation should not take more than two minutes.