Best Manual & Electric Lawn Aerators for Breaking Down Soil

Aeration is a very important part of maintaining a health green lawn. When you are aerating the soil, you are basically punching small holes into the ground. These holes allow water, nutrients, and air to penetrate the grass roots more quickly and easily.

Best Lawn Aerator Recommendations

Best Lawn Aerators Manual and Electric
Lawn Aerator Shoes
You don’t need no machine to aerate the soil for you. Why don’t you kill two birds with one stone by strapping on these heavy-duty spiked sandals? Not only would you be helping the process of promoting healthy green lawns, you would also be getting plenty of great exercise by stepping around the lawn with these spikes. Gardeners who have used these aerator shoes mentioned that while it does a great job of aerating the lawn soil, one should take great care in strapping on the shoes tightly. A loose shoe could increase the risk of sprained ankles.

VonHaus Lawn Aerator
The shoes won’t do if you have a medium to large-sized lawn. If you need to aerate a very large area then consider calling the cavalry by using the VonHaus Lawn Aerator. What makes this tool great is the fact that it is a two-in-one. With the VonHaus Lawn Aerator, you can aerate and dethatch your lawn. The one big downside is that it is corded so you’ll need an outdoor extension cord to increase its mobility.

Tow Behind Lawn Aerator
We wanted to offer a variety of choices so this particular aerator might not be applicable for everyone. If you have a vehicle (like an ATV) that can be driven on the lawn then consider getting this tow-behind lawn aerator. This lawn aerator comes with sturdy plug spoons that’ll remove up to 3 inch plugs of soil. The aerator also comes with a tray that you can use to add extra weight. Gardeners have used all sorts of objects like sand bags and cement blocks.

We hope one of the above lawn aerators will do the trick. In addition to providing recommendations, we also wanted to share a few tips on aerating your lawn. It’s important to understand why, how, and when to aerate the lawn.

How to Aerate the Lawn

There are a couple of things to consider before you go ahead and aerate the lawn. First, it is important to make sure there is enough moisture in the soil. We do not recommend aerating the soil when the ground is very dry. You might want to wait a day after there has been a shower of rain, or a day after you have sufficiently watered the lawn.

Another important tip when aerating the lawn is to make multiple passes across the same area. Most machines cover a small percentage of soil area per pass so you want to make sure the compacted soil is properly broken down by aerating the area multiple times. This is the reason why it’s not always easiest to use a lawn aerator shoe.

So when exactly should you aerate the lawn? Here are a few conditions that you can use as green light. First, if the lawn is starting to show signs of flooding after rainfall then it needs aerating. Second, if the layer of thatch is thicker than one-half inch then your lawn may need aerating. Third, if you have a lot of difficulty sticking a pencil into the soil then the lawn may need aerating. We hope these tips will help you grow and maintain a healthy green lawn.

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