Best Lice Treatment Kits for Killing Head Lice & Eggs

Head Lice Kit

Is your hair and scalp infested with head lice and lice eggs? You should be able to deal with this on your own with a lice treatment kit as long as the pest infestation has not reached a critical stage. Here are the kits we recommend using for quick results.

Product NameOur RatingFeatures
RID Lice Treatment Complete Kit★★★★★Spray for non-washable household items
NatulabUSA Lice Kit★★★★Short and long-hair comb
Natural Head Lice Removal Kit★★★★Proprietary enzyme formulation
Licefreee Kit All-In-One★★★★★Maintenance shampoo

Lice Kit Features to Watch Out For

Head lice can be a serious annoyance as their presence will cause a lot of itchiness. If you want to get rid of the lice as soon as possible then be sure to pay attention to the following features.

Treatment of All Pest Cycles

First, it’s important to get a lice treatment kit that can get rid of all life stages of a head lice, including the nymphs and eggs. Most people think they are done dealing with the head lice once they have gotten rid of the adults but they couldn’t be more wrong. Your head lice problem won’t be truly over until you have gotten rid of the eggs as well.

Pesticide-Free Application

Many lice treatment kits will include topical applications to kill the pests. While such chemicals might be effective at killing the pests, it’s not ideal for your body to be exposed to them as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-toxic treatment kits you can use to kill the head lice just as effectively.

Lice Comb

A lice treatment kit isn’t complete without a lice comb. These specially-designed combs have narrow pins that are closely packed together to help you easily pick out the head lice and lice eggs from the hair and scalp. The lice comb comes into play after you have used the topical application.

Top Lice Treatment Kits

Licefreee Kit All-In-One

This effective lice treatment kit comes with everything you need to say goodbye to the annoying head lice.

It includes a shampoo to prevent a re-occurrence of the head lice infestation, a non-toxic gel to help kill existing lice, and a stainless steel nit comb for picking out the dead pests. It may take as short as a day to see results.

RID Lice Treatment Complete Kit

This head lice treatment kit doesn’t just help you with elimination. It also helps you with controlling future head lice infestations. The kit come with a lice-killing shampoo, a comb out spray, and a lice comb.

The spray can also be used on household items that can’t be washed like mattresses and upholstery furniture.

NatuLab USA Lice Treatment Kit

This lice treatment kit makes use of a shampoo made of 100% natural ingredients such as aloe vera and tea tree oil so you don’t have to worry much about long-term health implications.

The kit comes with daily-use shampoo, a no-rinse cream to protect your hair throughout the day, and two combs (one for short hair, one for long hair).

Lice Treatment Kits FAQ

Will Dead Nits Fall Out Eventually?

Not necessarily, especially if you have a lot of hair. This is the reason why it’s important to have a lice comb as you will need to pick out as many of the head lice and eggs as possible (both dead and alive). Do note that some lice combs are suited for certain types of hair (long or short).

Does Hair Dryer Kill Head Lice?

Yes, the heat from the hair dryer may eliminate some but not all of the head lice. It’s important to also use a shampoo specifically designed to kill the head lice. These shampoo contains natural ingredients or enzymes that may dissolve the waxy exoskeleton layer of the head lice.

How Long Can You Have Head Lice Before Noticing?

You may not notice the head lice unless you do a careful examination of your scalp and hair. For some people, it may be several weeks before they start noticing the head lice due to the itchiness. It’s important to pay close attention to your hair during peak lice season.

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