Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreaders with Large Storage Capacity

A fertilizer spreader is a key equipment (the other being an lawn aerator) for homeowners who maintain wide lawns or gardens. In this article, we provide a few lawn fertilizer spreader recommendations and key features to look out.

Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Recommendations

Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Recommendations

Scotts Pro EdgeGuard
Scotts is a leading brand in the lawn care space so it should come to no surprise that they have high-quality fertilizer spreaders. The Scotts Pro EdgeGuard can hold up to 18,000 square feet of lawn care products. It also comes with pneumatic tires that make the spreader a lot easier to push around. The EdgeGuard feature is very helpful as it could prevent the lawn product from getting spread on non-grass areas.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader
This is a tow-behind broadcast spreader so you’ll need some sort of vehicle like a tractor. It can hold up to 130 pounds. This allows you to save time refilling if you have spread fertilizer across a big lawn. The large diameter tires give the spreader stability across uneven surfaces. It is fairly easy to assemble but expect the assembling time to take more than 30 minutes.

Scotts Turf Builder
The Scotts Turf Builder comes with a number of different capacity options. You could either opt for the 5,000 sq. feet capacity spreader or the 15,000 sq. feet capacity spreader. There are a couple of nice features that come with the Scotts Turf Builder. First, it has a precision rate settings control that helps ensure accurate coverage. It also comes with EdgeGuard technology. As we mentioned earlier, this can help the fertilizer from being spread on non-grass surfaces.

Lawn Fertilizer Spreader Features

We hope one of the above lawn fertilizer spreaders suit your needs. If not, here are a couple of important features to consider when you pick out a lawn fertilizer spreader.

Type of Spreader
Spreaders can be sorted into two categories: broadcast and drop spreaders. In general, broadcast spreaders are designed for covering large areas. Gardeners will have to maintain a steady walking speed when they use a broadcast spreader because it spreads the fertilizer across all directions. A drop spreader on the other hand has a more targeted approach and works best for small lawns that need a more precise application.

Size of Hopper
The hopper is another name for the container of the fertilizer spreader. If you have a large lawn then you’ll want a spreader that has a large-capacity hopper. This helps you save time by having you refill the spreader fewer times throughout each use.

Length of Handle
Make sure the spreader has a long handle if you are tall. The last thing you want to do is to hunch your back as you pull or push the spreader. Some handles may also have ergonomic designs. This could make the handle easier to grip and also help with making the spreader easier to maneuver.

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