Best Koi Pond Aerators & Aeration Systems | 2020 Review

Koi Ponds

Homeowners that keep fishes like Koi in their backyard pond should consider getting an aeration system to enhance the overall pond habitat. Koi pond aerators play a number of important roles such as reducing algae and increasing the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Product NameOur RatingPond Capacity
AIRMAX KoiAir2 Water Garden Aeration Kit★★★★★Up to 16,000 gallons
Aquascape Pro Air 20 Pond Aerator★★★★Up to 5,000 gallons
Laguna Aeration Kit★★★N/A
Matala MEA Pro 3 Plus★★★★Up to 5,000 gallons

Koi Pond Aerator Important Features

When shopping around for an aeration system, we suggest you pay a little more attention to the following features. It’s important to find a system that will make a good fit for the koi pond.

Maximum Pond Depth

Make sure the pond aeration system is able to adapt to the depth of the koi pond. The pond depth will impact the aerator’s efficiency in circulating the diffused oxygen. Koi ponds are typically less than six feet deep so a shallow pond aerator (these systems typically use linear diaphragm and linear piston compressors) would be more appropriate.

Pond Size Capacity

You will want to also consider the overall volume and size of the koi pond. In some cases, having one aerator might not be enough to supply oxygen across the whole pond (especially if its a small, less-powerful device). One way to get a rough estimate of your pond size is by multiplying the length, width, and depth of the pond then converting the cubic feet number to gallons.

Energy-Efficient System

Pond aerators can take up a lot of electricity and eat up your utility bill. Make sure you grab one that is designed to be energy-efficient. Ideally, the oxygen dispersed from the compressor pump should be able to reach across the whole pond with minimal obstacles.

Top Aeration Systems for Decorative Koi Ponds


The Airmax KoiAir2 is a good fit for medium to large-sized koi ponds as it can support a pond size of up to 16,000 gallons. We like that the bubbling is of great quality and will disperse itself nicely across the whole pond. Do note, however, that the Airmax aerator can be a bit noisy so this might not be the right fit if you are looking for a quietly-operating pump.

Laguna Pond Aeration Kit

This simple aeration system is a good fit for small-sized decorative koi ponds. You should consider installing this as temperatures get cooler and oxygen in the water starts to get depleted. The device also comes with a 1″ air stone and a Styrofoam float, which could be of use if the koi pond is a bit on the deeper-end.

Natural Waterscapes Winter Pond Aerator

This aeration system will support koi ponds of up to 1,000 gallons. The package also comes with an de-icer, which will help provide further protection for the koi fishes during the cold winter. The aeration system includes the pump, air stone diffuser, and a check valve.

Koi Pond Aeration FAQ

Do Koi Ponds Need Aeration?

Yes, most koi ponds will require aeration in order for the fishes to survive, especially during the winter when oxygen levels in the water will start to deplete. Aeration doesn’t just help with replenishing oxygen. It will also reduce occurrences of algae (which may become harmful for the fishes) and also reduce the likelihood of pests like mosquitoes.

How Much Aeration Does a Koi Pond Need?

This will depend on a number of different factors such as the size of the pond and the number of koi fishes. We would suggest you to first calculate the size of the pond (in gallons) to determine which aeration system is able to support the pond capacity.

How Often Should You Clean the Koi Pond?

In addition to setting up an efficient pond aeration system, it’s also an important practice to clean the pond on a regular basis. It may help to set up a durable netting as this would allow you to easily gather and remove debris such as dead leaves. The netting will also provide the koi fishes protection against wild predators.

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