Best Growing Lights and Lamps for Indoor Gardeners

Those who are growing plants indoors will definitely need to have this particular equipment as part of the setup. Growing lights are slightly different to common lamps and lighting systems. In general, growing lights are designed to mimic natural sunlight that plants would receive outside. If you have a container gardening or hydroponic systems set up indoors then consider checking out the following lights to make sure your plants receive as much light as it needs.

Hydrofarm Dayspot

Hydrofarm Growing Light

Great for people maintaining a small indoor garden, the Hydrofarm Dayspot can be easily clamped on to a frame and the bulb lasts a good 3,000 hours. Don’t put the lamp too close to your plants because the vicinity of the bulb can get pretty hot. The bulb can also be easily found in local hardware stores so you won’t need to worry about replacing them once they wear out.

iPower Growing Light

iPower Grow Light System

One of the best growing lights in the market, the iPower system is great for gardeners growing small to medium-sized plants such as flowers and bonsai trees. One cool feature this growing light system has is the dimming function. You can easily lower the intensity of the light if you think your plants don’t need as much light and heat. The wing reflector also ensures that a wide area is being covered.

EnviroGro Commercial Growing Light

EnviroGro Commercial Light System

This grow light model is best suited for gardeners growing a lot of plants indoors. The lumen output can go as high as 8000, which gives your plants plenty of exposure to light and heat. It doesn’t come with any hanging ropes though so make sure you have some sort of setup ready when this grow light is delivered to your door.

Before you purchase the best growing lights, make sure they fit your needs. First, examine how much light your plants need. Some plants can thrive in low to medium light intensity so there may not be a need to purchase growing lights that produce large amounts of lumen. Once you have sorted that out, make sure you get a system that covers your indoor gardening area.

Growing Lights – Important Features

What features are necessary to have a strong growing light? Other than being able to produce a good amount of light for your plants, it is also important for the light to have some sort of clamp-on fixture. This particular fixture should be compatible with all sorts of garden structures such as grow tents, greenhouses, and simple growing kits.

Another factor to consider when buying growing lights is the energy efficiency. These lights will have to be turned on for a long period of time so you want to make sure they are producing light in an efficient manner. A lot of this will have to do with the bulb that is used to produce the light. Last but not least, consider the life span of the light bulb. Most products will specify how long the bulbs will last. If we take the Hydrofarm growing light as an example, it states that a bulb can last up to 3,000 hours. You also want to make sure the bulbs are easily replaceable. If you have a hard time finding the bulbs you want then it may end up costing more to replace the bulb than to just buy a new light fixture. As you can see, there are plenty of stuff to think about when you getting a growing light. It is essential that they are producing the right kind of light to help your plants grow in a healthy manner. Do your research before you invest in some of these important gardening accessories and equipment.