Best Green Tea Packs for People with Diabetes | 2020 Review

Green Tea Antioxidants

Green tea is an excellent warm beverage for people with diabetes to drink in moderation. Green tea can have a positive effect on your health by reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. Find out which green tea brands work best for you.

Product NameOur RatingCount per Pack
Gymnema Green Tea For Diabetics★★★★100
GlucoBlocker Gymnema Green Tea★★★★20
Organic AMLA GREEN Tea Powder★★★★★-
Herbaly Wellness Collection Tea★★★★-

Green Tea Features to Watch Out For

Given its health benefit, there are a couple of aspects you need to consider when you shop around for a green tea pack, especially for people with diabetes. Don’t ever go for a low-quality green tea pack as it may not do much for you.

Level of Caffeine

This is an important consideration for people with diabetes as some studies have found that people with type 2 diabetes don’t react well to an increase in caffeine levels. The studies found that caffeine may increase blood sugar and insulin levels for those with this condition.

Taste of Green Tea

Some of you may not like the pure taste of green tea. If that’s the case, you could consider green tea packs that are mixed with other healthy ingredients. For example, some green tea packs also contain super foods like gooseberries.

Organically-Grown Tea Leaves

It may be important for you to get packs made of organic green tea leaves. Some green tea plantations may make use of a lot of pesticide, which can build-up and potentially cause a negative impact on your long-term health. Look for green tea packs that are organic-certified.

Top Green Tea for People with Diabetes

Gymnema Green Tea For Diabetics

This green tea pack is specifically designed for people with diabetes because it doesn’t contain any caffeine (which means you can enjoy this tea both day and night). One pack contains one hundred tea bags. Just steep the tea bag in hot water for about five minutes and enjoy.

Organic AMLA GREEN Tea Powder

This green tea supplement contains a rich mix of super food ingredients such as AMLA berries. Combined, these ingredients provide an overflow of benefits such as improving the body’s metabolism and helping control blood glucose levels.

You will look forward to the taste as the tea balances the bitter taste of the berries with the rich soothing taste of green Oolong.

Yogi Pure Green Tea

The Yogi Green Tea is contains plenty of important antioxidants to help your body function better. The green tea leaves are USDA organic-certified as well as NON-GMO project verified.

To make the most of this tea, we suggest brewing the tea bags in hot water for about three minutes. Some of you may want to seep two bags for a stronger taste.

Green Tea FAQ

How Does Green Tea Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

According to past research, green tea consumption is associated with a decrease in A1C and fasting glucose levels, which are used as measurements for diabetes health. The rich level of antioxidants found in green tea may help those who drink it in moderation.

What Kind of Tea is Good for People with Diabetes?

There are many types of teas, including green tea, that people with diabetes can enjoy. Tea consumption may help insulin sensitivity and help maintain healthy blood pressure. You may want to also consider teas like Chamomile tea and Oolong tea for added diversity.

Can People with Diabetes Drink Tea with Milk?

Some types of tea, such as black tea, taste better with milk. However, studies suggest that the addition of milk may neutralize the insulin-sensitivity benefit that tea offers on its own. We recommend drinking tea in its pure form to make the most of its health benefits.

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